About Nico,

I like to describe myself as an image creator more than a photographer. I'm a visual storyteller and photography is the medium that I choose to tell stories.

I was born and raised in Bogota and move to San Francisco in my early twenties, where I have been living for more than twenty years. I came as an international student to improve my English and was captivated by the city's rich cultural heritage, its diverse artistic community and its alluring beauty. Now San Francisco is home.

I've always been fascinated by all kinds of art expressions. Music, dance, theater, film, painting, sculpture, architecture, design and fashion have inspired me since I remember. That interest brought me to Los Andes University in Bogota where I study fine arts for five years and got an undergraduate degree. My love for photography began early on because it was easy for me to clearly communicate ideas with it and I learned how to produce art. I worked in the advertising industry during the last years of college, assisting a TV ad's director and learned how to produce commercial images. So early in my career, I was able to combine art and commerce.

In San Francisco I worked as a photo producer for the furniture industry for some years where I had a lot of fun getting inspired by architecture, interiors and design and created images to sell furnishings. I decided to extend my knowledge in the field pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in photography at the Academy of Art University. During this time at school, my passion for fashion brought me into fashion photography and I have been working in the field for almost ten years now. I also love to shoot portraits because is easy for me to connect with people. And I enjoy shooting product because it lets me center on the technique and explore many creative options.

I have worked for some of the Bay Area's most respected companies, including AirBnB, Ubisoft, Gap, UC SF, UC Berkeley and the Academy of Art among others. My goal has been delivering exceptional results and building a reputation for quality and creativity.

In addition to my professional work, I have been teaching photography at the undergraduate and graduate level for almost 10 years, sharing my passion and expertise with the next generation of photographers, image producers, designers and artist.

My work has been printed in publications like SFMag, 180 Mag, SOMA, 7x7 and the Financial Times and published online at fashion sites like The Fashionisto, Gmaro Mag and Boyfriend Mag, to name a few. I have exhibited my art in galleries in the US and abroad..

I believe that photography is more than just capturing images, it's about telling stories, capturing emotions and preserving memories. My goal is to bring my unique perspective and passion for the art form to every project I take on, delivering images that are not only beautiful, but also meaningful.